Excessive Drinking Insults My Intelligence

(With apologies to Robert Frost… sort of.)


Spiders are fun.  (Photo Credit: Kurt Nordstrom)

Some say the night will end with spiders,
Some say with mice.

(Photo credit: Nick Harris)

Mice are nice.  (Photo credit: Nick Harris)

And when I’ve guzzled ten hard ciders
I join with those who fear the spiders.
But if I go out drinking twice,
I think I could not stand up straight
And vomit would attract the mice.
Their squeak is great
And would suffice.

17 thoughts on “Excessive Drinking Insults My Intelligence

  1. So hard to read/comment on a post that triggers my phobias. First you zeroed in on my fear of flying on my own blog, and now I find spiders and those really yucky rodents with tails that show up in my nightmares. Not a kind way to treat a 65 year old.

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