Earthtones Insult My Intelligence

Spring means that many tourist attractions lose some of their earthtones.

Vienna is home to manicured gardens and exhausted gardeners.

Vienna is home to manicured gardens and exhausted gardeners.


There’s also a downside.  The worst thing that could happen to me today is being asked to help with gardening.  If you don’t like brown flowers, find your free labor elsewhere.

I’ll be busy enjoying a job application and maybe a can of tuna.

20 thoughts on “Earthtones Insult My Intelligence

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    • Very nice and very weird about linking up. I think I’ve seen someone else mention that too…

      Have a nice weekend, but first I’d like you to make me a scrambled egg… 😉

      • I would, but I think someone already scrambled from it. 🙂 I see that the links are fixed now so of course both my comments with my link posted, making me look like a double-whammy bad poster. 🙂 At least I can stop adding my link to my comments, which I hope wasn’t annoying people.

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  8. Did you muck about with the colours again? The main text is very hard to read against the background.

    Where is this? It looks very similar to the palace in Dachau, but the garden is different.

    • And when I posted my comment the page refreshed and suddenly the text was more legible.

      Also, it’s autumn over here, so earth tones a-plenty.

      • You’re describing what happens to me whenever I visit my blog for the first time. I had raised the issue with the WordPress folks a while back and they said everything displays fine. I guess I need to re-raise the issue.

        • It seems that if the blog loads it loads the default font of the theme and then your custom font and sometimes the load gets interrupted in between, resulting in the default font being displayed. At least, that’s my guess.

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