About Me

Since I designed this blog to enable rants that aren’t advisable in my everyday life, there’s a limit to what I can tell you about me.  You may have noticed that I borrowed the blog’s title from Centrifugal Bumblepuppy in Aldous Huxley’s novel “Brave New World.”  Ironically, the Huxley novel isn’t one of my favorites; I chose the reference because it relates to my ideas.

I watch very little TV and listen to practically no current English-speaking popular music.  (I’ve traveled a lot.)  That’s not to say my interests are necessarily artsy or highbrow.  It’s easier for me to handle the most self-consciously idiotic TV shows (such as Wipeout) than most of the mainstream stuff.  With Wipeout and similar shows, the producers know it’s dumb and sell it as such.  It’s a good, honest numbing of the mind.  I can sit around for an hour thinking “this is dumb, this is dumb” and be perfectly happy; when it’s a more “serious” TV show, I still think it’s dumb but I can’t say so out loud and there’s no satisfaction derived from observing the dumbness.  It’s more depressing to realize what passes for clever these days.

The one thing I never make fun of is popular literature.  If people are sitting down to read a book instead of watching TV for hours on end, I’m not going to make fun of that no matter what’s in the book.  (I might make an exception for “The Philosophical Meditations of Justin Bieber” or something like that.)

So I guess I’ve diverted from the whole point of an “About Me” page.  Oh well.

But in the meantime, you can enjoy these posts about my life:

Job Applications Insult My Intelligence
The joys of applying for jobs while being “overqualified”

Recruiting Minors Insults My Intelligence
Religious experiences in Catholic School

The University Industry Insults My Intelligence
Why I don’t miss college teaching

Churchiness Insults My Intelligence
A symbolic selfie, based on a photo from Cologne’s cathedral

Unchanged Melodies Insult My Intelligence
The story of my life as told through a single song  (includes 3 videos)

Ignoring Your Love Insults My Intelligence
An award acceptance speech

Youth Insults My Intelligence
Why I am both young and old, or something like that

32 thoughts on “About Me

    • Nah. The books might not be so horrible for a certain type of reader. They’re nowhere near my reading list, so I wouldn’t know.

      That’s not to say that I’d enjoy being around a bunch of people who are discussing those books…

  1. Found you in Community Pool. You have interesting and sensible ideas there so I thought I’d check you out. Very interesting and sensible indeed. I guess I will become a local here. 😉

  2. Very humorous your take on our media culture. I agree some the the shows today are not worth watching. I love people who make light on challenging situations that life offers so I look forward to following. Have a fab day, Allie.

      • I thought he already had an autobiography? No, or am I mistaken? My claim to fame is I live an hour from Bieber’s home town of Stratford,Ontario….

        Good blog. The Slo-Man and the Peeved Punjabi both like to rant too. Hang on a sec, I’m going to click the follow button.


  3. Thanks for stopping by and liking my latest photo challenge post. I like to read as well, and will enjoy exploring your site (though I do spend too much time in front of the TV. )

  4. Hey! I loved the way you write, you must be great to be around when you speak too, and I liked the depth of your perceptions and the way you reveal them so lightheartedly, I saw it in your comment about J B ‘s “book”- “The Philoso………………….” . LMAO and haven’t been able to stop as yet. Thank You again for your guidance on this new challenge I have entered.

  5. Nice blog. The colours and text is vibrant and it’s kind of a joyful place to be 😀 The humour throughout your posts and sidebars is refreshing.
    You told me to shuffle my home page and about page a bit and it was very good advice. Do stop by and leave a comment about what you think of the new layout!

    Keep up the brilliant rants :))

  6. Pingback: Liebster Award | tuckedintoacorner

    • Thanks. I probably won’t do a post for it because I’ve generally stopped doing that kind of thing. If I think of a way to make the post entertaining, I may reconsider.

      But thanks nevertheless.

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