Greatest Hits

All posts on this list have proven their popularity among readers.  Additionally, they stand among the blog’s best… in my opinion at least.

Assumptions Insult My Intelligence
An explanation of how employers often treat job applicants with a Ph.D.

Bad Background Images Insult My Intelligence
Basic blog design advice

A Bad Haiku Insults My Intelligence
The difference between real and really bad Haiku

Brand Names Insult My Intelligence
On having brand names appear prominently on clothes

Cats Insult My Intelligence
This post was Freshly Pressed.  It’ s a parody of Paul Simon’s “You Can Call Me Al.”

Children’s Vegetables Insult My Intelligence
Regarding a lesser-known form of child abuse

Day Insults My Intelligence
The most popular photo on this blog, plus a brief discussion of nighttime tourism

Elvis Insults My Intelligence
Elvis isn’t dead.  He’s writing for my blog.

Expectations Insult My Intelligence
Were you expecting a post about antelopes?

Fear of Zombie Food Insults My Intelligence
My experience with cooking brains

The Great Bra Debate Insults My Intelligence
About how men are depicted in their perceptions of bras.  This post laid the groundwork for three more: The Great Algebra Debate, The Great Zebra Debate, and The Great Abracadabra Debate.

If the Bratwurst Ain’t Deep Fried, It Insults My Intelligence
Deep fried bratwurst is healthy-ish.  I’m not joking.

Ingenuity Insults My Intelligence
Man vs. Bison

Ingratitude Insults My Intelligence
On being thankful for my exit from academe

Irony Still Insults My Intelligence
I cooked chicken livers one night…

Lying to Children Insults My Intelligence
An introduction to grown-up vocabulary for young children

Mortuaries Insult My Intelligence
A satire on the funeral home business

New Socks Insult My Intelligence
How to pack for study abroad

Prejudice Insults My Intelligence
Based on personal experience, this is my most successful non-humorous post

Self-Destruction Insults My Intelligence
A semi-philosophical piece about jumping off the top of a skyscraper.

Traditional Meditation Techniques Insult My Intelligence
Introducing my own line of new-age meditations…


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