“If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.”

Day in and day out, we all stay silent about things we find obnoxious.  I do this all the time to keep from offending the people around me and provoking their (typically) unspoken contempt for more intellectual types.  It keeps the peace, but sometimes you have to be honest.  And by honest, I mean brutal.  Sunlight may be the best disinfectant, but blacklight is better for diagnostics.  I aim to show you the things you’re not capable of seeing on a day to day basis.

If your intelligence isn’t insulted by what I reveal, your mind must be dimmer than my candelabra.


If you explore the blog, you’ll quickly find that I don’t stick with one type of post.  (I also don’t stick with an accurate definition of “insults my intelligence.”)  While I usually write expositions of moderate length accompanied by borrowed photos to liven things up a bit, you will also find a range of other things.  As of now, I have also featured a comic strip, experimental fiction, poetry, my own photography, and some great foreign music.  And food.  If you hunt long enough, you’ll find my healthy-ish techniques for cooking brains, deep fried bratwurst, and more.

Although Bumblepuppies was conceived as a humor blog with substantive content, I also write the occasional post in a more serious tone.  Serious posts can be found here.  Posts on food, travel, and other individual themes can be found in the “category” listings on the right.

Additionally, a lighthearted humor post called Cats Insult My Intelligence was selected for Freshly Pressed.  You read that correctly.  A blog called Bumblepuppies was Freshly Pressed for a post about cats…

21 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m glad you stopped by my blog. I really like your approach here! Great stuff! Not the fact that the world around us is incompetent and insulting, but your perspective on outing it.

  2. Actually since you were so helpful with a background image suggestion and since we both seem to have a blog that (as you said) isn’t typically a ha-ha subject, how do you handle posting a topic that is of a more serious nature? Do you put a disclaimer up stating that it departs from your usual? Are your followers who associate you with feel good laughs a bit put-off by somber? I am beginning to feel a bit hemmed in with the theme of my blog! Once again, great stuff around here!

    • Thanks for the compliment.

      I don’t label serious posts at the top because that would eat into the preview that displays in the Reader.

      It’s hard to know for sure how my followers feel when I do a more serious post, although my serious posts usually (but not always) get fewer likes. Odds are some followers just stop reading after a few lines and come back for the next post… although serious actually kind of works with my blog concept. This is a blog about things that insult my intelligence, so a brainier post isn’t too far out of place. (Nevertheless, I have thought about adding a “non-humorous” category label to my serious posts.)

      If you do a serious post about menopause, I think you’d be fine lumping it in with humor about menopause. If you plan to write an editorial on the 2014 Congressional elections, it might not do so well alongside all the menopause humor.

      • Yeah, I should have specified that I meant something outside of the realm of menopause and VERY serious. A holocaust survivor story. So yeah, now you can see why I was lamenting that I am feeling confined by my own blog’s theme and also why I was wondering about readers getting rankled – – expecting some giggles and getting ghastly gassing tales instead. Hmmm, well I’m sure I will get a grasp on my own footing (or slippery slope as the case may be) with blogging very soon. Thanks again.

        • Well, there are Holocaust survivors and escapees who used humor when writing about the Holocaust. The logic, I think, was that people have become so immune to violent images that humor can better trigger the revulsion one ought to experience when reading about that chapter of history.

          It’s really hard to pull off without looking like you’re trivializing the event. I tried once when I wrote about my experience visiting Auschwitz, which isn’t the same thing.

      • I never saw the response below about you visiting Auschwitz (when was that and can I see the writing you’re referring to?) and now it’s all making more sense with your recent posting about the holocaust (in a humorous fashion.)

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