Music Reviews Insult My Intelligence

I don’t have enough time right now to do a full post, but I need to vent.

Earlier today, I discovered an old review for a band whose music I received for Christmas.  The band is not Western and they incorporate aspects of their local music traditions into their work, including so-called “wild” rhythms.  (“Wild” is according to the reviewer.  I’d sooner say “unfamiliar.”  )  The results will astound you.


The reviewer needs to learn a few things.  He claimed that the band sounded good when recasting traditional songs but not so much when they moved towards original Western-style works.  He even goes so far as to say they seem “desperate” to become a part of Western mainstream music.

We all know everyone’s goal is to be like us, right?

But then again, he describes the traditional singing methods as “strange” (in a different review) and “growling,” so I suppose he must have started out with a few prejudices already implanted.

Trust me, that singing ain’t growling…

And unfortunately, I’ll have to stop here.  (Sorry to leave you hanging.)  Once I’ve got my ducks in a row, I’ll post links to the articles and a youtube video if I can find one.  In the meantime, please accept my sincerest apologies and a really cool picture I found.

File:Igil oktober saya front view.gif

(Photo credit: Johanna Kovitz)

Gibberish Insults My Intelligence

It’s time for today’s geography quiz.  No cheating!

(More information appears below.)

Welcome to Vermont

(Photo credit: jimmywayne)

And now it’s time for today’s gibberish.  It comes to you from Vermont International Academy in Shanghai.  If I may quote from their mission statement:

Drawing from Western, Eastern, and Vermont values, Vermont International Academy is a replicable model of world-class American college preparatory education set in Shanghai, China. Shanghai, developed over 1,000 years ago as an important seaport in the Yangtze Delta region in Eastern China, provides an ideal site for international education.

So the correct answer to the poll was “C” for “somewhere else.”  Vermont is not part of the East or the West.  Feel free to enter your definitions of “Vermont values” in the comments section.  Warning: I expect your definitions to be free of anything that could be construed as Eastern or Western values because Vermont is something else.