Art Insults My Intelligence

Architects sometimes get a little overzealous on the creativity and innovation.  You can probably imagine my surprise as I was traversing Barcelona, a city famed for Gaudi and for other pinnacles of aesthetic accomplishment, when I discovered this:

It's shiny up close...

It’s shiny up close…

This giant… ahem… feminine pleasure device, um… phallic symbol, no, er… rounded building of very painful glass loses its shimmer in the moist

Okay, I give up.  A work of art is supposed to make people pause and discuss; this building certainly accomplished its purpose.  However, I hope the discussion rises above crass humor someday.

But not today.  Immaturity is too much fun.



Life’s Ups and Downs Insult My Intelligence

Reflections on life:

Few attractions are as cleansing as Park Guell in Barcelona.

Few attractions are as cleansing as Park Guell in Barcelona.

When you climb the stairs of existence, overcoming the falling water that threatens your rise, you will one day reach the pinnacle and discover something resembling a bidet that had been complicating your ascent with its slippery spawn.  However, things are not always as they seem.  That fountain of hope will eliminate the remaining shit from the bottom of your existence.

That is, until the folks at Park Guell kick you out.

Mother Nature Insults My Intelligence

It was winter and I decided to take a trip to the beautiful and warm city of Barcelona.  And, like many tourists, I immediately headed to Gaudi’s Park Guell.

I already knew the weather wasn’t going to be as I had expected when I booked the trip.  However, my hike up the mountain to Park Guell foreshadowed some greater disappointment in that regard.  Here’s what I saw:



As strange as cacti look when they’re surrounded by snow, this fittingly introduced the wonderful strangeness that is Gaudi.  I still wish the weather had been better, though.

It’s not supposed to snow in Barcelona…