Genetics Insults My Intelligence

We need to change the naturally occurring chromosomal distribution for men and women.

Women receive 2 X chromosomes.

(Photo Credit: Bolzer et al)

(Photo Credit: Bolzer et al)

Men receive an X and a Y.

(Photo credit: Duncharris)

(Photo credit: Duncharris)

That means women always start out walking around with two strikes.  Whenever a guy enters the picture, he’s always strike three no matter what he does.  Then he can only ask Y.

The Beaten Path Insults My Intelligence

I’ve often written about my travels in Switzerland, usually about the standard attractions: mountains, snow, architecture, and (of course) naked people.

Okay, maybe the naked people aren’t an attraction.  That’s not a complaint about their looks, but about the mindset of folks who would go so far to see a few body parts.

That said, you should keep an open mind when traveling.  The greatest attractions often become apparent after you arrive and they may not be the ones you’re expecting to go batty over.  A small (or not so small) object such as a rock can be as spectacular as a mountain:


To judge the rocks’ size, compare them to the staircase in the upper right corner.

Get moonstruck by geology today.  Snow is overrated.  FYI: I live in the South.  These days, we all think snow is overrated.