Misplaced Priorities Insult My Intelligence

I went on an organized tour of Italy a few years back and some of the other tourists’ behavior appalled me.  I don’t mean the typical misbehavior we usually hear about.  Instead, I’m thinking of a focus on drinking and shopping.  People spent significant money to visit a place many people only dream of seeing and they used most of their time on superficial things.

I took this photo in Assisi.  The tour guide requested that we respect the religious procession coming down the stairs by not aiming our cameras directly at it.  I thought the procession was amazing and wanted to capture it somehow, so I ended up with this:


Ah, the wonders of Italian engineering.  Although I was attempting to capture a significant part of Italian culture with this picture, it also illustrates the world of tourism in my eyes.  The cheap materialistic car dominates the foreground while the amazing architecture falls to the background, far from where the eyes focus.  Plus, the authentic cultural practice remains off to the side, almost unnoticeable as it exits the frame.