Relics Insult My Intelligence

People often throw around the word “relic” without giving thought to what they’re saying.  First off, there’s the word’s religious version that refers to the shard of a saint’s bone… among other things.  Then there’s the use of the term to describe something really really old, like this:

When in Rome, roam like the Romans.

One might call this a relic of an ancient civilization.

And then one might refer to an Apple IIe as a technological relic.

And the oldest teacher at your child’s school might be designated a relic as well.

Your dishwasher might also be a relic, though not because of any added respect because of lengthy experience or significance in history.  You probably call it a relic because it’s dead.

And at that point, the word “relic” loses all of its meaning… unless we’re talking about something I own that no longer works properly.  Then it’s a relic because I’m special and, because of that, it’s special too.

Or it would be special if it weren’t broken…

Excessive Adornment Insults My Intelligence

Today I’ve decided to share a grand picture with you.


This time, I’m not going to tell you what the picture is. It can speak for itself.

But if you really want to know what it is, I can tell you that it’s grand, old, and not a Republican.  I’ll let you know if you guess correctly, though.

Tip: click on the photo for a better (larger) version.

Update (12-10-13): More info is here: