Archaic Technology Insults My Intelligence

Ever wonder why they call it horsepower?  Horses used to be the major mode of transportation but they, like Congressmen, can be a little hard to control. And they’re big and strong and they’ll but a huge gap in your teeth if you’re not careful.

One day, someone imagined that maybe, just maybe, a safer transport method might be possible. And so he took a beach towel and two hamster wheels and created a makeshift treadmill that could be hooked up to a wagon. Of course, something had to make that treadmill go.

Enter Mittens, the cutest little cat you ever did see.

See Mittens smile.

Mittens is a happy cat... for now.  (Photo credit:  Vitor Corrêa Fogassa)

Mittens is a happy cat… for now. (Photo credit: Vitor Corrêa Fogassa)

See Mittens scratch…

Bad Mittens! Mittens had to be controlled, so he was put on a leash. Then, of course, our friendly engineers needed a way to make Mittens run.

Leather whips were out of the question, so they cooked up a nice bowl of cream of tuna soup and put it just out of Mittens’ reach.

The cat marched forward, but unfortunately he wasn’t strong enough to pull a cart.

Since that day, cats have lived happily ever after.  Horses, not so much.

Artlessness Insults My Intelligence

Why do people always feel the need to destroy things?  This was a perfectly good mountain before someone transformed it into a functional piece of art by putting a road inside.

Traffic cave

Near Prague’s city center, this tunnel looks just as historical as its surroundings.  I hope they only bored a hole through a mountain and not through a real castle…

On second thought, could the engineers and architects who designed this please come to the U.S. and replace our green steel monstrosities that in no way blend in with the nearby forests?