Cheap Materials Insult My Intelligence

Whenever I leave the house, I like to wear pants.  That means my belt is my companion, constantly protecting me and the people around me from unpleasant situations.  In the old days, which weren’t even 15 years ago, you could buy a sturdy braided leather belt made of real leather.  These belts were constructed of a single piece of material and they were thick, so you could wear them every day for years.  In contrast, here’s a nearly departed companion:


This belt, like most others sold today, was made of much thinner strips of “leather” glued to a center piece of unknown material.  It only looked braided.  The strips of leather quickly started peeling off and pretty soon the belt will break in two.  You can see that the top half has already torn.

Incidentally, this was not an inexpensive belt.

Curves Insult My Intelligence


Curvy dove, ray of hope

Imprint’s on my bar of soap.

That dove there, it ain’t free

Two percent less soap for me.

(And more profit for the soap company. How convenient!)


Curves are sweet.  They’re the dope.

See them on this bar of soap.

That’s bar’s sleek, that bar rocks.

Small bar fills a great big box!

(Ever wonder why your bath soap doesn’t last as long even though the packaging hasn’t shrunk?)