Forgetting the Small Stuff Insults My Intelligence

When people think of being carefree, warm and fuzzy images often pop up.  So here’s a reminder of the small things that must be in place before you can let it all go:


Nothing makes you carefree quite like realizing you’re not out of toilet paper…

Sometimes it’s the little things that mean a lot.

(In case you were wondering: yes, I am considering a new blog feature called “Inspirational Moments with Toilet Paper.”)

Misusing Liquids Insults My Intelligence

When I saw that the topic for the current Weekly Photo Challenge is “Carefree,” I considered presenting some photos of alcohol.  Unfortunately, that doesn’t represent carefree too well.  Latrines across Europe can tell of tourists whose drinking did not leave them in a carefree state.  I, for one, remember a fellow traveler who was too hung over to tour the city she had most looked forward to seeing.

And so I moved on to other liquids.  Water can provide a less problematic feeling of carefree:

faroutThis comes from the main square in Bern, Switzerland, home of the Zytglogge and other wonders.  Here’s a closer look from a different angle:

closeinIn the summer months, you can relieve your sunburn in this public fountain.  You can also relax as you watch people running across attempting not to get wet… or you can run yourself.  (The water sprays from the numbered holes at irregular intervals.)  And then there’s the occasional boy who visibly enjoys letting the water spray into his swimsuit towards certain bodily regions.

And then there are the creepy teenagers who take too much pleasure in watching the child…

And then there’s the not-so-carefree mother who rightly decides it’s time to escort her son away.  I guess that means the fountains are a mostly carefree place.

So much for “less problematic.”  I’ll do better next time, I promise.