Exhaustion Insults My Intelligence

This is an odd time to celebrate the two-year anniversary of this blog. I haven’t been around much lately and I’ve more or less let my second blog languish.

These days, I am tired.  My job search has continued for longer than you could imagine and I’ve recently encountered a few other circumstances that have contributed to my energy drain.  I started this blog to vent frustrations and as a humorous diversion for myself but it’s harder to get into a humorous writing mood these days.


A gentle collapsing. (Photo credit: CrossfitPaleoDietFitnessClasses)

Everything will improve once we elect Rick Santorum as President.  (Fortunately, the humor isn’t entirely gone…)

Despite everything, I still manage to submit job applications and fulfill the obligations for my volunteer commitments.  Yes, that’s plural now.  It only took a few years to make that happen.  (See here for more details.)  I am also still able to eat without vomiting.

I can’t remember the last time I had the flu…

And the volunteering keeps me sane.

However, I do remember starting this blog.  I would look at bloggers who had posted their follower count and was astounded at the ones who had reached the 800-1000 range.  And this week I surpassed the 3000 mark.  WordPress doesn’t offer any nifty little digital trophies once you get that high… which would be okay if they offered a cash award instead.

Cheap bastards.

And so, as I look ahead to year three, I see an eventual continuation to year four.  Sometimes the best thing you can do is to keep going no matter what. That is the WordPress Way.

He who collapses is food for vultures.

16 thoughts on “Exhaustion Insults My Intelligence

  1. I thought I should get some kind of notice when I hit a quarter of a million hits and long ago passed 5000 followers. I mean, it wouldn’t even cost them anything. But nothing. Nothing at all. They cater to newbies, ignore veterans.

    I hear you on the exhaustion. I feel like I need my brain vacuumed. It feels like it’s clogged with crud.

  2. Isn’t this blog considered one of your volunteer obligations?
    (I agree with you on Santorum – just the fact that he is running has perked up my spirits. )

  3. I hope things get better… for you, I mean… I thought I was going to pass 3,000 but wordpress is making sure that doesn’t happen… wait… did that sound paranoid?

  4. I wondered!!!! But I’ve been distracted by stuff going on around me and traveling a bit. I have 650 followers after 1 1/2 years. I’m not expecting to equal your following (or most other peoples, actually). I miss blacklightcandelabra. What you’re going through is enervating and demoralizing and you’ve been confronting it for way too long. I definitely feel your pain, having been there (but only for a year). I have a friend in a similar situation. It’s (IMO) fallout from 2009. I was just lucky to be close to retiring or I’d have been SOL.

    • Thanks.

      The candelabra may come back at some point, though. I haven’t removed the link from my main blog and, sooner or later, I expect I’ll put up a post to say it’s a hiatus, not an end.

      • Glad to hear that! — even though I couldn’t write them all, I enjoyed those that I could write. Sometimes “could” means “able” and sometimes it means I just had no time.

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