Frankenturkey Insults My Intelligence

Today I learned that Thanksgiving leftovers can be revived after three months in the refrigerator.

Waste not, want not.  (Photo credit: Stu Spivack)

Waste not, want not. (Photo credit: Stu Spivack)

First, eliminate the odor with a few quick shots of bleach.  The bleach also replaces some of the moisture the leftovers had lost and it kills any mold that might have found a home on your bird.  Remove the dead mold with a butter knife.

After performing this basic cleaning, you must decide upon an appropriate recipient for your newly rediscovered culinary delight as well as an appropriate receptacle to ship it in.  I recommend a large Ziploc bag placed inside a cardboard box.  However, you must include something else inside the box to prevent dogs or other nearby animals from tearing open the package and stealing the loot.  I’d suggest spraying the entire box with Axe; that stuff will keep anything but teenagers away.

And now for the new, proud owner of Frankenturkey.  I do not recommend any occupant of the White House or Capitol Hill because all that Axe on the box might get you accused of trying to poison a politician.  That’s terrorism, perhaps.  Instead, I recommend your closest vegetarian friend; since the turkey no longer resembles a meat product, your friend will never know what you fed them.

If it looks like tofu and smells like tofu, it can’t be a Frankenturkey.

– Epitaph on friend’s grave

After the funeral, your refrigerator will hug you; it’s his friendship that matters most in your life.  Go out and buy your fridge some new bling.

32 thoughts on “Frankenturkey Insults My Intelligence

  1. First, that you keep food in your refrigerator for 3 months is truely shocking. Second, I’m not surprised that Americans put bleach into their food, as far as I know they put bleach into and onto anything.
    Third: At the moment, I’m thinking of becoming a vegetarian again, so this post was really helpful to me. Thank you!

  2. When I first saw the title of this post, I thought you were going to rant about turducken, which, to me, is the ultimate Frankenturkey. Imagine my relief when you posted about pulling three month old Thanksgiving turkey leftovers out of the refrigerator, bleaching it, placing it in a ZipLoc bag inside a cardboard box sprayed with a generous amount of Axe.

  3. I almost died reading this. Partially because it was so clever, and partially because I cringed so hard. Oh my goodness, that’s disgusting. How… why?!

    The premise of this blog is wonderful too. I’m so happy I’ve found it.

  4. Your blog always makes me laugh out loud and forget what it was I came to the blogosphere for. Keep on blogging in a free world.
    Have a prophet-able day – The False Prophet

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