Having Only One Blog Insults My Intelligence

If you have to ask what this post is about after reading the title…



I have decided to sponsor a Monday writing challenge at my former test blog: The Blacklight Candelabra.  The concept is simple: a few bloggers with extensive education and/or writing experience have expressed an interest in more challenging writing prompts than what WordPress can offer its broad audience.

I have already created the first eight prompts and the first is scheduled to appear on The Blacklight Candelabra on January 5 at 10:00 am EST; a prompt will appear at the same time each Monday.   If you want to participate, you’ll need to follow that blog as well or perform a weekly Monday click from this one.  You might also benefit from following me on Facebook and Twitter.

Did I mention that these prompts will be difficult?

8 thoughts on “Having Only One Blog Insults My Intelligence

  1. ahhh… remind me in a week… I am… in a place… and doing… a thing… and have limited computer access… also, I am not extensively educated, but that is for another blog

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