The Third Day of Christmas Insults My Intelligence

The third thing at Christmas that has insulted me:

Three Santas

(Photo credit: Josh Roulston)

The mall thinks your kids won’t notice if there’s a drunken Santa in front of each department store.  (Photo credit: Josh Roulston)

Two tacky gifts

(Photo credit for original: Richard Huber)

These must have been designed by the mall Santas’ overgrown “elves.”  (Photo credit for original: Richard Huber)

And the kid who wants a large breed

(Photo credit: Steve Harris)

When your kids complain about the three Santas, tell them that the real Santa can escape this gift.  Let the games begin!  (Photo credit: Steve Harris)

Blogger’s note: This is (obviously) a 12 part series.  All photos will have new captions in each post, so you’ll miss a lot if you only read day 12.  For all completed posts in this series, click on the “twelve days of Christmas” link below.


6 thoughts on “The Third Day of Christmas Insults My Intelligence

  1. This is freaking brilliant and I’m ashamed of other WordPress bloggers for not having done it already, especially inappropriate versions. A little inappropriateness makes the eggnog taste better.

    Here’s some inspiration, one of my favorite songs from waaaay back with a fresh video twist:

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