Bill Cosby Insults My Intelligence

I don't think I can do a humorous photo caption that won't offend the non-rapists reading this blog.  (Photo is in the public domain.)

I don’t think I can do a humorous photo caption that won’t offend the non-rapists reading this blog. (Photo is in the public domain.)

By now, my U.S. readers will have heard the “news” about the numerous rape allegations against Bill Cosby.  Although celebrity news usually insults my intelligence, this story is different.  After all, our country and its media held the controversy down for decades.  The delayed timing just goes to show that the American people will forgive the most horrific of sins as long as the sinner is pushing a pudding pop down their throats.  Bill Cosby is being taken down so late in life only because he can no longer stand proudly behind a towering pudding pop on TV.

So let’s shove rape allegations to the side when they mess with our fun.  Priorities matter.

It’s such a shame because this guy was admired as “America’s Dad” because of his iconic Cosby Show.  Obviously, we must now stop calling him “America’s Dad” unless he fathered enough children to have earned that designation through other means. With that in mind, I think we should now refer to him by the job he chose for his character on that famous TV show.

That’s right.  Bill Cosby is America’s Obstetrician.

Of all the medical fields he could have chosen, he picked a vagina-gazing specialty and America didn’t blink.  Never underestimate people’s willful ignorance.

Now, unfortunately, all women will suffer for his misdeeds.  So, ladies, the next time you’re spending quality time with your OB-GYN, try not to think of Bill Cosby.

Blogger’s note: I promise that the next post will be happier.  It would kind of have to be.

11 thoughts on “Bill Cosby Insults My Intelligence

  1. You’re assuming he is guilty. We live in a country where everyone is innocent until proven guilty. He has not yet been proven guilty. If found guilty, then you’re right, it would change our perception of him and his entire career fairly dramatically, in a horrible way. But it isn’t fair to assume he’s guilty. We don’t know the story of what happened yet, and the truth may be dramatically different from the assumptions being presented to us by the media.

    • Actually, I took care not to say anywhere that he is guilty.

      I did say that people are willing to shrug off the issue which, at the stage of allegations, is still a major one. Since the public assumes guilt, my conclusions about the culture remain the same.

  2. What a year! Robin Williams dies of his own hands and now Bill Cosby is being taken down by allegations of a horrible sort.

    The truth is most definitely stranger than fiction. No one could have imagined either of these things being true last year.

  3. You know that Eddie Murphy is watching all this in amazement and thinking, And this is the same motherfu**** who publicly shamed me all those years for saying fu** too many times in my standup act! Fu** him!”

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