Odie Insults My Intelligence

Once upon a time, an anti-drug crusader named Jim Davis decided to write a comic strip to warn children about the dangers of addictions.

Yes, I mean Garfield.

However, Mr. Davis missed the boat.  He depicted a feline lasagna addict who couldn’t resist anything edible; Davis could have easily added an illegal dependency to the character and still had him be believable.  Problem is, Garfield displays intelligence and humor and everything else you don’t want people associating with dangerous behaviors.

And then there’s Odie.

Look at those unnaturally wide eyes.  (Photo credit: Marty--McFly)

Look at those unnaturally wide eyes. (Photo credit: Marty–McFly)

“Odie” is an extended spelling of O.D., which in turn is short for overdose.  Odie was supposed to foreshadow the dangers of addiction: mental incapacity, constant drooling, hyperactivity, and the unending potential for someone to cry out O.D. if he does something really bad.  Instead, Davis characterized Odie as friendly, innocent, and often more likable than any other character in the comic strip.

That’s not how you talk people out of using drugs.

11 thoughts on “Odie Insults My Intelligence

  1. I will now look at all comic strips as a new genre of self-help programming. Cathy–for lovelorn women, Beetle–on abusive relationships, and Family Circus–for people coping with big-headed children.

  2. I came here on my own accord because I have not seen you show up in my reader since your Les Mis stolen bread post. I don’t get it? It still says I’m following you. I guess you slipped down a dark alley when I wasn’t looking?

    Anyhow, what does it mean if you despise comic strips. I even hate The Peanuts. I better leave on that note before I get cyber stoned.

    ps. Glad you’ve still been posting but baffled why I wasn’t aware of it.

    • The Reader is kind of broken. Sometimes, it stops showing new posts from random bloggers. When you notice this happening, the best solution is to unfollow and then immediately refollow. I had that issue with Martha Kennedy’s blog (she comments here sometimes) and she’s had it with others. You are not alone…

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