Forgetting the Little Guy Insults My Intelligence

I’ve grown weary of watching all the big, “interesting” words hog the spotlight. After all, those rock stars are worthless without their sidekicks. Today, I’d like to focus some attention on the most resplendent of those “lesser” linguistic warriors:

The king (a.k.a. King The) has arrived.

The king (a.k.a. King The) has arrived.

King The can dazzle readers with his versatility. Although he maintains a single definition, he can be pronounced two ways to maintain auditory fluidity at all times. He also fills in gaps when things would otherwise sound clumsy or stilted. He even gives eyes a much needed respite between the more acknowledged behemoths of meaning.

Don’t take this as an article of faith. This article is the genuine article.

All hail The!

16 thoughts on “Forgetting the Little Guy Insults My Intelligence

  1. One of THE best articles I’ve read all day. “The” is the middle name of most of my dogs. Only those with Weltschmerze are O’Dogs.

  2. In this day and age of shortening words, or spelling words a different way but supposedly mean the same, just so those words can fit into the 140 character “tweet” (think “da” for “THE”), it’s refreshing to see King The prevail!

  3. “What world does thee who meditates on THE until the end of the life, win by THE? If thee meditates on THE, he becomes one with THE, thee is led to the world of THE.. The THE who is higher than the highest THE, The THE which is tranquil, unaging, immortal, fearless, and supreme.”

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