Brainless Blog Posts Insult My Intelligence

Sometimes I get sick of wading through posts that show no evidence that a brain is or was present on its blog.  Brains are important.  (So is beauty.  Me saying that is how you can tell I’m probably not a zombie.)

I can do better.  Therefore, I’d like to show you something pretty today:

You deserve to look at something of this quality.

You deserve to look at something of this quality.

Look at the motion of the ocean.  Such beauty!  See the algae gyrating in the waves.  Notice the sunlight glistening off of the pristine water.

Oops!  I’m terribly sorry.  That’s not water.  It’s a recolored photo of raw pork brains.  You can see the original picture here.  And before you complain…

At least I kept my promise about not giving you a brainless post.

16 thoughts on “Brainless Blog Posts Insult My Intelligence

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  2. You did a good job concealing the fact that that is brain. The brains I have seen (anatomy class) were white matter or grey matter. Leave to the French to make anything taste good!

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