The Great Bra Debate Insults My Intelligence

I, a male blogger, am writing about bras today.  Stuff like this always turns out well for everyone involved.

You see, it was reportedly someone of my gender who invented these wonderful undergarments.  The idea was supposedly to improve women’s figures at the cost of their comfort.  Because men are pigs.

And then, as can be readily observed, folks of my gender started spending their time trying to convince women to stop using these things.  They’re less transparent than shirts and they can be difficult for us to unhook.  That also shows how we’re pigs.


Oink!  (Photo credit: Rumpleteaser)

The pig’s still smirking.  (Photo credit: Rumpleteaser)

So we support bra use because we’re pigs and we oppose bra use because we’re pigs.  This fits a prominent definition of prejudice wherein the object of prejudice is viewed as conforming to a preconceived stereotype regardless of what he or she does.

Seriously.  That’s a factual definition.  For instance, girls stereotypically avoid math and science because it’s not feminine.  And when they do go for it, they’re not feminine.  And no action can break the cycle of stereotypes because anything will be twisted around to fit.

And with that in mind, the accusations towards men insult my intelligence.  There’s simply no way to behave towards a bra that will not get us identified as pigs.  That’s not fair.

Even though we really are pigs.


30 thoughts on “The Great Bra Debate Insults My Intelligence

  1. I’m pretty sure a woman invented bras, actually.

    And I hate them. Only wear them when I have to. Comfort over looks, my friend. I’m only out to impress myself.

  2. You have a lot of bra(ss) to write this… Don’t be surprised if someone gives you your cup-uppance.

  3. I am in (br)awe of Ms. Kennedy’s Supportive puns as well as Lifted up by Ms. Tempest’s Firm assertions. I think you have enough of a clever bratourage following you, that you don’t need me. But I give major bras applause for this male, bra-wny perspective. Hope I get this comment in “under-the-wire” before your witty comebacks and then you tell me this is the bra that breaks the camel’s back. Great post, btw! But aren’t there pig pics more dismembered?

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