Day Insults My Intelligence

Don’t you hate the masses of tourists that clog all the sites and turn your nice peaceful vacation into a noisy game of human bumper cars?

Me too.

That’s why I would go out at night.  When I did, I could find things like this:

London's Big Ben shines at night.

London’s Big Ben shines at night.

No tourists and no traffic.  Just me and the view and the muggers and the rapists and the murders who I luckily managed to avoid.  That’s quite a contrast.

28 thoughts on “Day Insults My Intelligence

  1. Winter is also a good time to be a tourist. During the December I spent in Germany I often found myself the only visitor in an entire museum. Kinda eerie, but also very relaxing.

  2. Ha, as you read in my post, I can go out pretty much any time of day in Riga and not meet anyone at all! They’re all somewhere else 😉

  3. In darkness there is no sin
    Light only brings the fear
    Nothing to corrupt the eyes
    There is no vision here
    At first you may find it strange
    But do not go away
    The darkness holds a power
    That you won’t find in the day

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