Thought Control Insults My Intelligence

Hello everyone.

Stories that Must Not Die published a lengthy guest post by me today.

By lengthy, I mean very lengthy.  It’s over 2000 words, making it longer than anything I’ve ever posted here.  The topic is graduate school (specifically for the Ph.D.) and is intended as a warning.

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9 thoughts on “Thought Control Insults My Intelligence

  1. I spent some time in the Senate of my university. I was disappointed by it in every respect. 1) Lecturers (such as myself) were “marginalized” even if, even though, we taught full time+ and had for years upon years, 2) the various 60s “isms” had become concrete dogmas to which the academe must absolutely adhere and recognized as serious and important over every other thing. Now hatchet-faced, rigid and antediluvian their faux-diversity yapping mouths persisted in representing some highly politicized department and their retirements were “celebrated” with sorrow. “Who will carry the flag now!” Well, effers, that flag needs to be retired. We need to lift the flag of basic literacy at this point now that you’ve sucked all the blood out of everything. “You’re not like any of the other professors. Your classes are actually interesting.” The door slams silently and my house will soon be up for sale. It’s not like I wasn’t warned.

    • All too common…

      However, don’t houses in your part of the country sell for a small fortune? Maybe you could afford a nice castle elsewhere after that.

      • Generally, yes, but they also cost a small fortune. Mine is in a part of the county that’s considered “remote” so that will be a challenge. We’ll see how that goes — could turn out well, but I imagine in any case it will turn out adequate.

  2. You are not the first person to express this opinion, so maybe we could also form a cult of those people disillusioned by graduate studies. 🙂

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