Feeding the Bears Insults My Intelligence

If you visit Bern, Switzerland, you’re likely to find a pit at the end of town that contains a few friendly-looking bears:

Switzerland is a zoo.

If I were one of these bears, I’d miss the little things like grass and trees.

However, Switzerland is a zoo… especially during tourist season.  And do you know what happens in a zoo?

Inappropriate feeding:

Here's a closer look at the same image.

Here’s a closer look at the same image.  Notice the parent and child in the upper right.

As the sign often says, “Do not feed the bears.”  But if you must feed them, please remember that your kid is not appropriate for a bear’s dinner.  The bear may enjoy him, but you’re inviting a lot of trouble on yourself.

The quiet ain’t worth it.

27 thoughts on “Feeding the Bears Insults My Intelligence

  1. oh my gosh. Insults my intelligence, too. Guess they want to have something to tell the kids when they get older…..(shaking my head in disbelief).

  2. Sometimes it is good when the bears eat the stupid people… or their offspring… that is called ‘natural selection’… we should be pushing the stupid people to the outside of the herd.

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