Vandalism Insults My Intelligence

Politicians have been desecrating public property for years and no one has stepped in to stop them.

You don’t believe me?

I walked out to my mailbox today.   Its sturdy black pole rises from the grass-covered dirt as its arched box reaches towards the street. With its single red ear, it reminds one of Vincent Van Gogh, though I doubt that he would have looked as spiffy wearing those metallic number stickers.

It waits to be fed.

(Photo credit for uncropped version: Joy Schoenberger)

Give me a break.  An anonymous blogger isn’t going to use his real mailbox.  Therefore, you get to see an icy receptacle and a wooden pole.  (Photo credit for uncropped version: Joy Schoenberger)

Even though my lovely specimen was purchased with private funds, the interior space has government (i.e. public) ownership.

And as I opened my own shiny piece of government property, I discovered vandalism.  I discovered grinning idiots on glossy brochures that try to scare voters into believing that other candidates would destroy the state, the country, and the sanctity of all “we” hold dear. Of course, there’s also the compulsory American flag waving proudly in all that hot air.

Those brochures had destroyed the monochromatic calm that had reigned inside my mailbox; neither they nor their distributors belong anywhere near public property.

Of course, the Capitol is public property too…

22 thoughts on “Vandalism Insults My Intelligence

  1. My favorite part was your comparison of your mailbox to Van Gogh. Grinning idiots…love that part too. Living outside of D.C. we see a lot of smirking and grimacing too.

  2. I hear ya. Leave our mailboxes alone. Here in the UK there is a rubbish national newspaper (lads mag really) called the Sun. Apparently, they are sending the whole nation (apart from Liverpool – it’s a long story) a free copy of their publication tomorrow. Aren’t we blessed. AArrgghh).

  3. Luckily that particular madness is over in SA for the time being. Local government elections is only in 2016, so we have bit of respite before it starts again. Though here they no longer leave pamphlets in your mailbox. They just text you. This does beg the question where did all those political parties got my phone number, cause I sure as heck didn’t give it to them.

  4. Put those brochures through the shredder. Recycling’s too good for them. I’d suggest disinfecting the box, but there will be probably be more.
    Or, if those brochures include postage-paid envelope for donations, use it to send back the brochure and count it as a donation.

  5. I thought I saw an adverb, but it would appear that I was mistaken. 🙂

    I like how you’ve described the mailbox. Comparing it to Van Gogh made me smile; declaring that it was waiting be fed was also a nice touch.

    While a commentary on all of the propaganda that graces our mailboxes (among other things, but that would lead down a slippery tangent), it’s a nice study in just how much we are bombarded by political inserts.

    Nice job.

    • Thanks… and there was an adverb in there. I used “proudly,” the same adverb that appeared in the prompt. Unless I had gone with a needlessly roundabout sentence construction, there is no single word that captures “waved proudly.”

      I think Krista would appreciate my interest in keeping things concise. 😉

  6. That’s weird. That’s been happening in my mailbox, too. I think it’s a conspiracy of vandals out to get my Goth visage (get it? get it? yeah, OK, that really contrived pun probably insults your intelligence)

  7. I always wonder about the cost of all the junk mail that is sent… the dead trees, the mail fees, just on the of chance that some small percentage of them will be noticed.

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