Comfortable Seating Insults My Intelligence

Ah yes, an old Austrian castle with all the amenities:

Old is beautiful.

Old is beautiful.

I can forgive the poles and chains because they bring back the whole torture aspect of the good ol’ monarchy.  And I can forgive the lovely refurbished medieval shiny pleather or wheatevertheheck material it is on those adorable chairs.

However, the glare from my camera flash on the unknown synthetic material detracts from the room as a whole.  Nevertheless, I’m sure those chairs are more comfortable than period-appropriate pieces would have been

15 thoughts on “Comfortable Seating Insults My Intelligence

  1. It looks like a Chapel in the room to the left? I kind of think they would have had some wooden benches rather then those pleather chairs. They look okay to me. Beats a wooden bench any day.

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