“Normal” Music Insults My Intelligence

I’ve noticed quite a few bloggers around here participating in a “25 Days of Songs” challenge.  It looked interesting but it seemed rather idiotic to dedicate 25 posts to a single topic… especially since I only write 3-4 posts per week.

Fortunately, I now have an excuse to do all 25 days in a single post.    And fortunately for you, I do not intend to be completely truthful here.  I think we should have some fun with this, don’t you?

And besides, I’ve been meaning to showcase a bunch of (mostly) arcane music you’ve never heard of.  A few titles are well-known but a couple of them experienced much-deserved deaths.  Hopefully violent ones.

1- A song from my childhood

Ummm… did my childhood ever end?  I guess it must have ended because I didn’t choose to embed the official video that includes a bunch of snakes eating a guy’s flesh in super-graphic detail.  Sounds like a cheerful childhood, huh?  Anyway, this is track one on the first non-English-language CD I ever bought.

2- A song that reminds me of my most recent ex-girlfriend

Just because it would piss her off if she knew I’m the one writing this, here’s a little gem from Russia:

3- A song that reminds me of one or both of my parents:

Dad never skimped on the Jewish humor with his officially non-Jewish children.  (People who discriminate against Jews classify me as Jewish… and that makes for an especially fun job search. )  Anyway, humor:

4- A song that calms me down.

Because I love the NSA and feel most calm when I am under constant surveillance, I have to go with this largely forgotten classic:

5- A song that is often stuck in my head

A Belgian girls’ choir singing Rammstein?  Absolutely!  How could you possibly get that off your mind?

6- A song that reminds me of a best friend

Bonus points to whoever can decode the meaning of this little selection:

7- A song that reminds me of the past summer

Because there haven’t been appropriate jobs to apply for every day…

8- A song that reminds me of my “first love”

Even though the video features the Easter Bunny, this one is not considered suitable for work in the U.S.  It’s perfectly acceptable in some other countries, though.  Europeans tend to be more tolerant of the Easter Bunny…

9- A song that makes me hopeful

I’m hungry, so I hope for food.  My tastes are eclectic…

10- A song by my favorite band

I don’t have a favorite band.  “Favorite bands” are good as a marketing technique because you’ll buy the t-shirt, boxer shorts, life-size inflatable dolls, and other overpriced junk with its image on it.  However, I suppose I should humor the assignment, so here’s a song from the band I own the most music by.

11- A song on the soundtrack of my favorite movie

I haven’t chosen to watch a movie in years.  (I’ve watched a few to be “social.”  I can’t say for sure how staring silently towards a screen counts as being “social,” though.  But circumstances sometimes require it and I grudgingly comply with a smile.)  Since I’m still hungry, I’ll have to pick this:

12- The last song I heard

Odd that I would be listening to a song in English translation, but it’s a lot more convenient for you.  So thank me.

(Warning: this song is not suitable for undisturbed listening if you live in the Bible Belt.  You’ll probably gather a crowd but they won’t pull out their blessed shotguns if you’re lucky.  Simple nosebleeds are good.)

13- A song that reminds me of a former friend

Some people lose the genetic lottery.  My friend lost big time but, unfortunately, he wasn’t able to make his voice work for him like this Latvian did.

14- A song that reminds me of my girlfriend

I’m happily unattached and I’m not crass enough to post a video of “I Touch Myself” for this.  So let’s go with a song about not loving love:

15- A song I love singing along to

Oh, this is the easiest one on the list.  Straight from Russia, here’s your old friend the bumblebee:

16- A song that has made me cry

A beautiful love song that will make your ears bleed… and then you’ll cry too:

17- A song that makes me want to dance

I don’t dance, but this song might do it if I did.  I’m not sure I could hallucinate a dance partner, though.

18- A song that I love but rarely listen to

This song reminds me of my time in Vienna.  I’m sure that makes all those composers spin in their graves…

19- The first song alphabetically in my iPod

Unfortunately, I can’t fudge this selection to make my choice more humorous.

20- The last song alphabetically on my iPod

At the end of my iPod list is a song about the end of mankind.  How appropriate.

21- My favorite song

I don’t have one… and I’m not being an indecisive asshole.  Three songs tie on my iPod for the greatest number of plays.  One was listed for an earlier answer and another has been blocked on YouTube by a generous music company that cares deeply about the public.  This third one may sound familiar if you’ve been paying attention:

22- A song that someone has sung to me

Sometimes one must take one’s time in the restroom… and then this happens:

23- A song that I cannot stand to listen to

Since there’s so much rock and metal in my list, I didn’t want to go cheap and easy with Elton John.   Therefore, a rock song about something else that insults my intelligence:

24- A song that I have danced to with my best friend.

I’ve never danced with my best friend.  However, I was once on vacation with a few close friends and we were at a club after downing plenty of alcohol.  They were all arguing with each other and I was getting close to breaking my usual facade of supernatural calm.  And then the club played this and it’s the one song I remember from that entire trip:

25- A song I could listen to all day without getting tired of it

And speaking of alcohol…

That’s it.  I hope you all enjoyed romping around the world, or at least more of it than you usually do.


32 thoughts on ““Normal” Music Insults My Intelligence

  1. lol, for reasons I mentioned a while ago in 201 I haven’t listened to any of them, but well done for coming up with all 25. I have to admit that I wouldn’t be able to enter anything for some of the criteria – but I know that I’m odd, and my husband agrees 😉

  2. Wow. I have a friend who has a very similar taste in music. You are the ONLY other person I “know” who listens to Laibach. Anyway, I’m sharing your blog with him because he’ll probably find a lot of stuff to enjoy. I love Rammstein and Die Totenhosen — Die Totenhosen’s version of “Passenger” is one of my favorite songs to be surprised by…

    • Back when music stores existed, they actually sold Laibach even though they’re Slovenian.

      And if I’m not mistaken, MIT Press published a book about Laibach. It was a crappy Cultural Studies volume, but nevertheless…

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  8. So, are you from Germany / Austria / Switzerland? Or do you love German music because you don’t understand the lyrics? *lol* Someone who loves Laibach and Einstürzende Neubauten cant be such a bad person. I saw Laibach live several times, way back in the 80s. I could recommend dozens of other bands to you if you are into that kind of music … Punishment of Luxury, Der Plan, Napoleon XVI, Spizz Energy, and if you like screams, try Amenra*s Mass III – Mass V and Zappa*s TheTorture Never Stops. Do you also like German medieval -type stuff like In Extremo and Subway to Sally? Oh I just love peiple who love weird and strange music … For the writing 101 assignment the stuff that came up was more punk/rocknroll though – Iggy Pop, The Damned, Lords of the New Church, Cramps, Kyuss … If you post stuff like this more often I need to follow your blog. 🙂 Great to have found you!

    • Actually, I follow European music more broadly with some other geographic regions represented as well. (BTW: Laibach is Slovenian.) If you click on the “Playlist” category on the right, you’ll find all the posts I’ve written that include a music video. One includes In Extremo. I’m actually doing another music post today and they come up every now and again around here.

      • Yes I know the’yre Slovenian … they used to have these woodcut visuals of the German invasion in Czechoslovakia and other Eastern countries … but they also did these shows where they posed as Nazi-like characters so there was a German “vibe” somehsow although it ws meant to be satire / theatre. Thanks for pointing me to the playlist, I will have a look, and I look forward to your next music post.

        BTW this site features off-the-beaten-track music,´: http://www.rarelyunablecom. It used to be on wordpress (rarelyunable.wordpress.com for the older posts), not sure if that’s your style but it might be worth checking out. I*ve found interesting stuff there sometimes.

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