Urban Environmental Destruction Insults My Intelligence

Today I decided that I’d go for a walk around the block.  However, I soon realized that I had forgotten one very minor detail: I no longer live in a place that has blocks.  Silly me!

Here’s how my neighborhood looks:



I walk around my neighborhood and it takes forever to get to an intersection, much less a traffic light.  And the streets are curved and you can forget about walking anywhere other than to your attractive neighbor’s bedroom.  Our urban counterparts like to call this an environmental catastrophe because we can’t really do public transit so easily and we use tons of gas when others could walk.

But take a closer look at my little map there.  It’s very green.  Very very green.  I don’t live in a forest, but I see trees and more trees no matter which window I look out of.  I see friendly little squirrels running around, happy and playing and breathing much more comfortably than their cousins who live among the “environmentally conscious” urbanites.

You see, those trees create this nifty little chemical called oxygen.  Maybe you’ve heard of it.  Maybe your brain even uses it on occasion.  Those trees also create something called clean spaces.  (That’s not the technical term.)  Those Asian megacities and a lot of other urban centers lack this… except for the occasional park.  That means all of that urban pollution congregates on that nifty little city block you live on.  And so you breathe it in and breathe it in as you search hopelessly for where you live because, after all, all those damn city blocks look alike.  Especially in all that smog.

Or maybe you bought a gas mask to protect your lungs from your “healthy” environment.

Maybe you should also buy some green-tinted glasses to help your eyes.  Did you know that the color assists with ocular health?  Asphalt gray doesn’t work as well.

As for me, I’ll keep my sprawl.  Give me a fuel efficient car and let me live free from the giant cloud of smoke that hovers over so many cities.  Nature can regenerate itself if you don’t destroy it with your “pro-environmentalist” zoning claptrap.

(Seriously, give me a fuel efficient car.  I gladly accept gifts.)

18 thoughts on “Urban Environmental Destruction Insults My Intelligence

  1. I used to live in that sort of neighborhood, in a house surrounded by trees and state forest. In order to walk my dog, I had to walk down a rural, woodsy street with no sidewalks (of course), hoping not to get creamed by passing cars and trucks. I would have thought living in the woods would afford great walking, but it didn’t. Because of traffic on our road, I basically had to DRIVE to get to the best places to WALK.

    Great interpretation of the “blog your blog” theme!

  2. I hate urban environment myself. I have to clean my nostrils every morning I wake up. Yoga is a must if you live in New Delhi, its good to push that dirt out. Now I get so many allergies.. 😦

      • Oh really,

        Yoga is not only restricted to stretches. Yoga also has a lot of breathing exercises. You press one nostril and breathe in and out from the other. Also you do alternating breathing- Breathe through one and release through another. Some people when breathe in, their stomach contracts and when breathe out stomach expands. However when one breathes in, stomach should expand, and contract when one breathes out. Its very interesting. If you wish you can look into it. Coming from India learnt a bit few years back. Anyways I can be a bit of nerd sometimes..lol..


        EAT ALL FRESH 🙂

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