Grade Inflation Insults My Intelligence

I created this for a writing prompt I co-inspired. It’s based on the comics at Tabula Candida.

(Text version: Those who sleepwalk through their studies often find themselves on undeserved pedestals.  Eventually, they fall down the stairs in a bloody heap.  On the bright side, zombies will refuse to eat their emaciated brains.

History repeats itself every semester.  I’m not making this up, you know.)

25 thoughts on “Grade Inflation Insults My Intelligence

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  2. I’m interested in how I can find myself on an undeserved pedestal by sleepwalking through studies (or work in my case). Then I can just take little extra care to not fall off.

  3. Had a gripe from a student who wanted his C+ changed to a B- because (get this) he needed it and didn’t see why his grade changed on Blackboard after I went back and filled in 0s for all the quizzes students hadn’t taken. Never mind that he got a grade of C (or below) on all important work in the class). Grade inflation makes my life hell.

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