Art Insults My Intelligence

Architects sometimes get a little overzealous on the creativity and innovation.  You can probably imagine my surprise as I was traversing Barcelona, a city famed for Gaudi and for other pinnacles of aesthetic accomplishment, when I discovered this:

It's shiny up close...

It’s shiny up close…

This giant… ahem… feminine pleasure device, um… phallic symbol, no, er… rounded building of very painful glass loses its shimmer in the moist

Okay, I give up.  A work of art is supposed to make people pause and discuss; this building certainly accomplished its purpose.  However, I hope the discussion rises above crass humor someday.

But not today.  Immaturity is too much fun.


33 thoughts on “Art Insults My Intelligence

  1. I hope it never rises above crass humor. For some odd reason we all tend to make images of, uh, those things. I did a painting of a rock formation once and decided to do something “new” with the colors and what I ended up with was a painting of a gigantic purple, uh, and I didn’t even realize it until it was hanging on a wall… Someone actually bought it. This proves conclusively that sex sells. 🙂

  2. There’s one of those in London as well. A building with that shape, I mean. I’m sure there are many of …erm…those in London also.

    • That seems vaguely familiar now that you mention it. However, Barcelona’s stands out more for some reason. Maybe it’s because London has a lot of other modern landmarks and Barcelona’s is closer to one-of-a-kind for the city.

  3. You do more travel than anyone I know. My father was an architect and now my son is becoming one – – another post I’m gonna pass on for some good “profession” entertainment.

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  10. I have the same reaction and opinion of the dill pickle/bullet/phallic symbol that blights London’s skyline. I know the cities can’t stagnate but … I can’t get used to that one.

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