Undiscovered Easter Eggs Insult My Intelligence

We have experienced a momentous week here.  First we had The Day All Peeps Will Die.  Then I overhauled this blog.  And now a milestone: this is post #200.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, I’m sending you all on an Easter egg hunt… with a twist.  You may not have noticed, but I like to hide quotes and references in my posts on occasion.  Sometimes people caught them.  Sometimes not.

So here’s the game.  I’ll name the references and you search my blog for these undiscovered Easter eggs.  The first person to enter a comment identifying the locations of all five references will win a most excellent prize.  (You only have to name the posts; you don’t have to quote the references.)

I will not respond to entries that don’t provide a guess for all five references.  It’s all or nothing.

Find them before they start attracting rodents.  (Photo credit: Donar Reiskoffer)

Find them before they start attracting snakes. (Photo credit: Donar Reiskoffer)


By the way,  I’ve got a food theme going on for the landmark posts.  At 100 I gave you tripe and for 200 I’m giving you Easter eggs.  By the time I reach 400, you’ll have a full Chopped basket and I’ll ask you to prepare a dish using all four ingredients.


Let’s begin our game.  Go back through my posts and find where I put the following:

1- A reference to a Doris Lessing novel.

2- A quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson

3- Lyrics by Nine Inch Nails

4- Lyrics by Blue Oyster Cult

5- A reference to Miley Cyrus in a post that wasn’t about her


Good luck

(And don’t you have anything better to do?)

I’d rather not have to give away a prize

12 thoughts on “Undiscovered Easter Eggs Insult My Intelligence

  1. The new colour scheme looks good. And I won’t be taking part in your challenge as I haven’t even heard of three out of five of the people/groups you mentioned. How I wish I could say Miley Cyrus was one of those three…

  2. What a good idea…I would fail. I never read Doris Lessing… Feel fairly good with NIN. The rest? Hit or miss. I guess it would be all about the climb.

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