Dancing Insults My Intelligence

Once upon a time many years ago I got myself elected to my high school’s student council.  Part of the job involved planning the homecoming dance… which fascinated me even more than a roadkill barbecue; I had never been to one and wanted to learn what all the commotion was about.

You see, I attended Catholic school and the dress code pretty much nixed any reason an adolescent male like myself would want to attend.  I’m sure the fluffy dresses billowed in the voluminous hot air spewed by disgruntled dates while the music probably surpassed the lovely rehashes “Dancing with the Stars” forces on its audiences.  One day, I’ll write a post about that show because I’ve been forced to sit through it, but by now the good punchlines have surely been taken.

On the other hand, how could the world ever run out of punchlines about that show?

But I digress.  There are better places to hold a girl and sway than a semi-air-conditioned gym filled with overpaid photographers and poorly made decorations.  Yeah… the decorations were bad.  The student council had to make them and none of us had any art skills.  Plus, some of us were a tad lazy.  The moon I cut out from posterboard was almost roundish and I’m sure it helped lots of romance blossom.  I could have produced a perfectly shaped moon but I was never the type to gratuitously drop my pants.

I apologize for the negative tone this post has taken thus far and I’m sure my dance-loving readers would like some inspiration as well.  For that reason, I’d like to offer a beautiful musical exhortation to get moving.  This song is my warmest memory of anything involving dance:

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  8. Personally, had a lot of fun dancing in discos in the ’70s, messed up on well, it really doesn’t matter, but it was fun. I was always happy when I could find my car later and it wasn’t parked in the middle of the street.

      • No. And people looked a lot sexier in platform shoes and tight pants than they did in baggy jeans, t-shirts and over-size flannel shirts BUT I LOVED the music of the early 90’s (though I got sick of smelling like teen spirit).

        • That wasn’t a riff against the 90’s. I’m just commenting on how the 90’s didn’t exactly scream “dancing” when it came to the music.

          Which isn’t a bad thing…

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