Vanilla-Flavored Blogs Insult My Intelligence

If you read this blog regularly, you probably noticed that I’ve overhauled its appearance.  Like the last incarnation, it’s not the most vanilla design ever devised.

I haven’t decided whether to keep the mustard color, though.  I wanted something darker than the old green but I also wanted black text to be legible on it.  I figured mustard was as all-purpose as its counterpart in the pantry.

Well, maybe it’s not all-purpose if we’re talking about toppings for vanilla ice cream.  But then again, I just said I wasn’t after vanilla…

On revision less than an hour later:  Mustard didn’t last long.  Green tea it is!

Second revision, after several comments were received:  Here’s a piece of the mustard-colored stuff I was going to use.  It looked better than you’d expect, but I’m happy with the green.



11 thoughts on “Vanilla-Flavored Blogs Insult My Intelligence

  1. I like it but (typical woman response) can you try the mustard in the upper right corner? Nah, never mind….put it back where it was. How about the bright green but just soften it a tad and bring up the undertones….and….and…thanks for following, btw.

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