My regular readers are probably wondering what’s wrong.  After all, I don’t usually encourage lots and lots of unnecessary shopping.

No, I am not hung over from Thanksgiving but thank you for asking.

Anyway, I grabbed myself something on Black Friday and it cost me exactly zero dollars: a free two-week trial of the custom design upgrade here at WordPress. That sounds more like me, doesn’t it?

Now… I didn’t have a lobotomy, either.  I know these giveaways are designed to addict consumers to a product that they’ll absolutely have to buy more of once the trial period is up.  More nefariously, a lot of companies use gimmicks like this to encourage enrollments that will be forgotten about once the time comes for automatic paid renewals.  So I’ll start by praising WordPress for not requiring a credit card number to participate; they’re trying to hook people cleanly.

I thought to myself, why not at least try it because someday I’ll hopefully have money to pay for it?

In the process, I learned that I didn’t need the upgrade for the top item on my redesign wish list; I just needed to discover and learn the technology to do it.  By now you’ve surely noticed my new header…

However, I do not intend to write an advertisement for WordPress.  This is usually a humor blog and I’d like to keep it that way.  So, without further ado, I’d like to present a few of the designs that didn’t make it past my test blog.  Please bear in mind that some of these were behemoths, measuring almost twice as long (vertically) as the one I have now.  In other words, a few designs were more awful than they seem.  Moral of the story: header design requires a lot of patience, especially if you’re trying to coordinate with a particularly colorful background. 

Test transparencytest2finaltest3finalTest4finaltest5finaltest7finaltest8finaltestlastfinaltestgray3finaltestgraygoofofffinaltestblackfinalAnd then there’s this last one that made it to my blog for a minute or two before I thought twice about it.  I may use it in the future:


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