Lack of Focus Insults My Intelligence

The theme for the newest Weekly Photo Challenge is focus.   And some of you visiting today will have clicked on this post expecting some photography from yours truly.  Sorry about that.

Oh, and the only person whose intelligence is allowed to be insulted around here is me.

However, I am using the focus topic to make an announcement.  When I started this blog, I had intended to do daily posts for the first month.  My followers can probably tell you that it has been well over a month.  Well, today I’ve finally decided to lay off the post-per-day schedule.  The bottom line is that I need to focus my writing energies on cover letters and other job search materials; unfortunately, there’s a limit to how long you can sit in front of a computer before your eyes glaze over.  My top priority has to be the job search, so I’ll probably only be posting 2-4 times a week from now on.

Nevertheless, I do not want to end this post without trying to be entertaining.  Therefore, please enjoy this photograph of a 2008 Ford Focus.

2008 Ford Focus photographed in Waldorf, Maryl...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you feel that the picture, when combined with the title “Lack of Focus Insults My Intelligence,” is too much of an advertisement, please contact the Ford Motor Company so they can give me the appropriate monetary compensation.

11 thoughts on “Lack of Focus Insults My Intelligence

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  3. You should have placed a pic of the new Focus. It’s much prettier. 😉

    I’m applying for a new job myself, so best of luck to both of us.

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