Inconsistent Statistics Insult My Intelligence

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These statistics make a frown face. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I recently visited a blog that had over 750 followers and fewer than 350 page views.

I assume the blogger must think we’re all really stupid.  This person most likely included an exaggerated follower count in the Follow Blog widget’s text section.  It’s not that hard to do.

But let’s look at some other possibilities.

1- This person has lots of friends and family (or perhaps Facebook friends) who promised to read his stuff and never did.  If this is the case, the blogger needs to find some real friends.

2- If the blogger has been around long enough to amass so many hundreds of empty followers (you know… salespeople and others who click “follow” from the WordPress Reader without looking at the blog) and has only garnered 300-something page views, the blogger may need to rethink how he presents his blog.

3- The blogger may need to repeat kindergarten.  A five-year-old can figure out that 750 is more than 350.

4- The blogger may need to think bigger.  If you’re going to fake the number of followers you have, why not go higher?  It’s not like he had any credibility left to lose.

5- The blogger may have entered a fake 350 hit count several years ago when he started the blog and then he forgot it was still there.  If this is the case, how sad that someone thought 350 would be impressive.

6- The blogger may need to advertise on my blog.  Given his expert grasp of statistics, I’m sure I can develop a pricing plan that maximizes my profit and his pleasure.

6 thoughts on “Inconsistent Statistics Insult My Intelligence

  1. Well you live and leanr aye? lol I didn’t even know you could fake your numbers. I’m happy with my honest 43 followers (2 are email). How sad lol Was his Blog something really boring? Could people not have gone in to look, thought it was crap and just not bothered to go back? I’m new to all of this technological stuff and I’m a Kiwi so it boggles my mind that someone would want to do something so dishonest lol or is that foolish maybe?

  2. But remember, if you publish your blog to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc., all your followers on that platform are added to your WordPress followers in the widget. One blog where I contribute, The Book Notes Project, has almost 2000 followers according to the widget, but when you go to the stats page it shows that 1300 followers are via Tumblr, 400 or so via Twitter, etc. In the meantime we haven’t even reached 500 views yet. Could be this guy has his blog linked to his Facebook account where he has an insane amount of friends.

    I disabled the follower count in the widget on my blog for precisely this reason, that it shows combined followers across all platforms, not just WordPress. With all the spam-followers the only number worth watching anyway is the average views per day.

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