Justin Bieber Insults My Intelligence

English: Justin Bieber at the Sentul Internati...

This is not the image of mental health. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mental health is…

…not wanting to see the newly released nude photographs of Justin Bieber.

…wondering why those nude photos were featured as an important news story.

…understanding why they were featured but not understanding why people would care more about that than about anything that could legitimately be called “news.”

…understanding how people’s priorities became misplaced but wishing they hadn’t been.

…not understanding why anyone would get naked to perform for their grandmother.

…not understanding why anyone would get naked to perform for their grandmother.Β  (This one deserved to be repeated.)

…wishing it had been Betty White instead of Justin Bieber because she probably would have thrown in a really funny joke.

…realizing that Betty White’s grandmother is probably dead by now.

…being thankful not to have any late-teenage daughters right about now.

…not being like Justin Bieber.

…being thankful to not be like Justin Bieber.

…ending this post right now because “Justin Bieber naked” is the last thing I wanted to write about for the Weekly Writing Challenge.

13 thoughts on “Justin Bieber Insults My Intelligence

  1. People’s priorities are completely messed up that this would be considered news. Over here parents took their kids out of school so they could camp (unsupervised) outside the stadium where he performed since the previous night – this in a city known for prostitution, drugs and child trafficking. They reckoned they were giving their children a “once in a lifetime opportunity”. There was even one high school principal who camped out along with learners from her school. Apparently mental health is in short supply.

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