Normal Childhoods Insult My Intelligence

English: Atari 7800 with cartridge and game pad

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I was a weird kid.

When I was young (under 10 years old), I had an Atari and owned a game called “Tax Avoiders.”  And I chose this game myself.  I don’t know what was running through my head when I picked that game and I really can’t imagine what my parents must have thought.

BTW: If the IRS is reading this post, I’ve been a good boy.

By Atari standards, the game was silly but not horrible.  Although you couldn’t “win” the game, you aimed to get as much money as possible in one year by collecting dollar signs, not touching red tape, avoiding the tax man, and collecting tax shelters.

As a kid, I didn’t know what much of that was… except for the dollar signs.  The red tape is kind of cute, though… kind of like something out of Q-Bert.  You can jump through it and it won’t touch you.  It only affects you if your feet are on the ground.  The same goes for the dollar signs.

At the game’s conclusion, one was rewarded with an obnoxious beeping sound no matter how well one performed.  In retrospect, maybe that noise was supposed to be a police siren.  Or maybe it was a punishment for playing so one would feel the need to rush out and buy a different game.  After all, anyone playing “Tax Avoiders” should have some extra cash lying around.  (Because the game only cost three bucks, not because players were less than generous with Uncle Sam.  Don’t be so negative!)

Anyway, I found a video of the game on Youtube.  Try to enjoy it.  I dare you.  At least the disappearing elevator is entertaining…

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