Freshness Insults My Intelligence

Welcome to Cologne, Germany.  Unless you arrived by Autobahn, you were most likely greeted by the famous Cologne Cathedral.  Right next door, you’ll find a Roman museum that contains some amazing ancient artifacts.  (When you see an old tiled floor, you’ll also learn that the swastika once held a different meaning in Europe.  It still does in other parts of the world.)  And as you explore, you’ll find more old churches (and a synagogue) as well as historical sites from the Nazi era.

The city deserves its reputation as solid a tourist attraction.

Problem is, almost everything there is old and tourists never express any interest in such unfashionable nonsense.  Fortunately, you can always always count on a city’s upscale shopping district (in Cologne’s case, a road that is limited to pedestrians) to offer up something fresh and tacky.

ice cream

On a rainy day, there’s nothing more refreshing than ice cream.

And on second thought, Cologne can be a dark and depressing place when the weather turns gray.  So maybe the fresh ice cream cone isn’t that bad.