Puppy Haters Insult My Intelligence

An Adorable Puppy

(Photo credit: Timothy Tolle)

Awww.   Look at that cute little puppy!  Who wouldn’t melt at the sight of his adorable face?  And the way he looks at you with those eyes is nothing short of spellbinding.  And those ears!  They are just too precious!  He looks like he wants to cuddle and cuddle and cuddle all day long.  This is what blogs were made for.

Did I forget to mention that the puppy is cute?


Now that I’ve written enough to fill the text box in the WordPress Reader, I’d like to tell you about an experiment I’m conducting.  I’m trying to determine if a correlation exists between a love for puppies and a love for this guy:

According to Bullock, Hitler was an opportunis...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Please help me discover the truth.  If you love puppies AND Adolf Hitler, please click the “Like” button for this post.  If you appreciate this post and want to let me know, please leave a comment instead.

By clicking the “Like” button, you authorize me to use your name as well as any content from your blog.  Don’t click “Like” unless you are a proud Neo-Nazi; I may feature you in a subsequent post about blithering idiots.  Even if you unclick the “Like” button later on, I will retain an email record of your earlier click.  Therefore, by clicking “Like,” you affirm the legal nullification of your future attempts to distance yourself from puppies and/or Hitler.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Moral of the story: Never click the “Like” button on a blog post unless you have read the entire thing.  You never know what lunacy you may be encouraging.  You also never know if you’re dragging your name through the mud.

11 thoughts on “Puppy Haters Insult My Intelligence

  1. This is very confusing. But I do think that if Adolf Hitler had never invaded anybody… and just kept having his pictures taken with cute puppies, then he might still be alive and in charge of Germany.

    • If you’re confused, that’s not a bad thing.

      This post was designed as a mousetrap to catch people who click “like” on everything in the reader without clicking on any posts and reading them. (They do this to get a pile of reciprocal views.)

      There was a great post on this phenomenon within the past month at kokkieh.wordpress.com . Maybe I’ll do my own post on the topic based on the likes I receive for this one.

  2. [ Smiles ] I am devoid of hate. I LOVE the puppy. I don’t hate Hitler; I strongly disapprove of his ideology and his actions.

    I actually implemented this into my life: We should overflow with LOVE, embracing the low and the high, the ugly and the beautiful, the sinful and the virtuous alike.

    LOVE is not selective!

  3. Hi, in all honesty and I don’t see any point in lying, I didn’t read the whole post. I was thinking its going to be a great article about puppies which is one of my loves.

    So I turned out to be your pet peeve! Imagine that! In real life you and I possibly will never run into or know each other and so this must be fated. 🙂

    We seem to like a lot of the same things as well too like being honest so that’s why I am saying I didn’t read the whole post.

    Some of the good friendships that I have come from mistakes or irritation once you get beyond that.

    We all write to express ourselves so I think what you are doing on your blog is good for you.

    I hope you had a good 4th and have a gd weekend coming up!

    • Haha. I don’t know why you say that. It got 6 likes, so it hit its target.

      And I must say that the comments section is really interesting. I should do another post like this sometime.

    • Thanks for the reminder. I had completely forgotten about this! 😉

      Seriously, though, I’m going after other stupidity these days. It will be a while before I target other bloggers again.

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