Twitter Insults My Intelligence

Dcandelabra3riving 2 Grandma’s and sitting at #trafficlight .  It’s red.  Annoying!

Scandelabra3till at #trafficlight.

Wcandelabra3hen will #trafficlight change?  Obey me, beacon of technology!

Rcandelabra3eaders, thank u for sharing my pain as I wait for #trafficlight to change.

Wcandelabra3hy is everyone honking at me?  My tweets aren’t offensive.

Dcandelabra3ammit.  #trafficlight was yellow, then red.  Why never green?

Hcandelabra3ello?  Anyone out there?  I tweet, therefore my words matter.  Answer me now!

Tcandelabra3he #publicutilityservice should come and fix #trafficlight .

Ycandelabra3ay!  The #police have come 2 fix #trafficlight .  They’re walking 2 my car 2 say thanks 4 tweeting about it.

Twitter: because some thoughts are too important to wait.


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