Incoherent Logic Insults My Intelligence

Map of Pakistan

(Photo credit: Omer Wazir)

At the end of my day yesterday, this blog had reached exactly 666 views.  On the same day, it had its first visitor from Pakistan.

This cannot be a coincidence.  Let’s review some of the possible messages we can take from this:

1- Pakistan is evil.

2- American foreign policy towards Pakistan is evil.

3- Pakistan is better off economically than we’re led to believe because someone over there obviously has a computer.  Money, of course, is the root of all evil.

4- The NSA must have moved its citizen surveillance programs to Pakistan because someone over there obviously has a computer, cell phone, or other device capable of monitoring Americans’ internet activity.

5- The Pakistanis are enjoying their final days of unrestricted internet use before being annexed by China.  (China is known for limiting access to websites from certain countries.)

6- Islamic law must be more relaxed than we’re led to believe because someone from Pakistan could view this blog.

7- Someone in Pakistan is going to get into big trouble for viewing this blog.

8-  This blog conforms to the highest standards of Islamic law.

9- This blog embodies the Islamic vision of evil.

10- Islam has adopted the Book of Revelation as a foundational religious text.

Moral of the story: we should always look more closely at the symbolism of everyday life and suspend logic so we can appreciate the deeper meaning in everything around us.  After all, this symbolism is always unambiguous and well informed.