Earthlink Insults My Intelligence

We had a small storm here recently.  It knocked out power for less than 24 hours, but it was no catastrophe.  Twelve hours after the lights came back on, I called Earthlink to ask when internet service would be back.  They said there was a large outage area and it would be back the next morning.  That deadline came and went and now it’s afternoon.  I called again and was told not to contact them again for another twenty four hours.

Their website has claimed that there have been no outage areas this entire time.  I guess we aren’t supposed to have cell phones to look things up with.  (You’d think an internet company would be familiar with technology.)  Or maybe they don’t want to publicly admit the outage.

I will post again when I can use a real keyboard.  My hand hurts, but probably not as much as their brains hurt, what with all the work they’re having to do.

UPDATE: 3 1/2 hours later, my internet connection is back.  Moral of the story: blogging the problem gets faster results than calling support.