A Bad Haiku Insults My Intelligence

It’s five syllables

And then another seven

So it’s haiku, right?


Not so fast, I say

It is not quite that simple

Shut up and listen


Japanese has sounds

They’re shorter than syllables

English sounds clunky


Japan loves nature

Haiku reflects that deep love

Nintendo it ain’t


As a young student

My teacher said “yours is good”

No discouragement


My count was correct

And I was very happy

A big achievement!


It’s a good idea

To know what you are doing

When you write a poem


Or else the result

Is pure horse manure that smells,

Attracting the flies


(Did you just see that?

That haiku had nature but

No essence of life)


I am not a poet

My haikus are really bad

But that’s on purpose


I am not stupid

Art’s not a formula like

The five-seven-five

13 thoughts on “A Bad Haiku Insults My Intelligence

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  2. I dislike haikus…. they just leave me dissatisfied. Rather like eating at McDonalds or Burger King. Lots of Coke and not enough actual food. (I do not eat at either, unless I’m on a highway and there’s nothing else in sight for miles and miles)

  3. Hi. It’s a good try. Haikus are too difficult to write rather than a long story where you can put in all your emotinal verse. I liked your haikus because they’re expressed the reality of the will to do better haikus – or something else.

  4. A very amusing series of haiku to illustrate your point, bumblepuppies! I got into haiku about four or five years ago and have been reading/writing/studying the form ever since. I think it changes the way you look at the world, but I also think no haiku is better than bad haiku. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks.

      Since you mentioned being experienced with the form, I took a quick stop by your blog. It’s good to see some haiku in English that dispenses with the 5-7-5 in favor of some lines with fewer syllables. I think that gets closer to the essence of what haiku is supposed to be.

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog. It’s more to shame me into painting and writing really and I think the handful of people that follow me do so because they know I post so rarely that I won’t be annoying them too often! Totally not what a blog supposed to be like, I know.

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